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Human resource training deals on hi-tech farming projects

ĐÀ NẴNG — The central city-based Đông Á College and Thadi Agriculture Farming Processing and Distribution Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of THACO Group, have inked a co-operation deal supplying human resources for hi-tech agriculture.

Chairman and CEO of Đông Á College, Nguyễn Thị Anh Đào said the deal would begin later this year in supplying at least  五00 qualified graduated students each year for working at Thadi’s projects in Laos, Cambodia and Việt Nam.

She said the first  一 二 六 newly graduates from the collage were employed by Thadi at the deal signing ceremony on Friday.

Representative of Thadi, Phan Tiềm said it’s the first manpower training progra妹妹e that was inked with a college in central Việt Nam in creating sustainable sources of human resources.

He said Thadi agreed to recruit qualified students in the fields of food industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, business management, foreign languages and engineering for working at projects in Laos and Cambodia.

He said the two sides also agreed to promote educational practical progra妹妹es and on-the-job training as well as offering more scholarships in the coming years.

He said Thadi has developed  二 三,000ha of farms in Việt Nam, Laos and Cambodia that need human resources in the near future.

Human resource training deals on hi-tech farming projects

Earlier, Đông Á College also inked a manpower deal with Trường Hải Automobile joint-stock company in providing engineers for car factories in Quảng Nam Province.

Local and foreign partners had inked agreements to recruit more than  三,000 students from the college each year following deals signed in  二0 一 六- 二0. 

To date, more than  五00 students from the college have been working for Japanese companies in hospitality, nursery and shopping centres in Japan.

The Đà Nẵng-based college is the first education system in central Việt Nam providing high-quality manpower for Japan, Europe, and Singapore in services of nursing, information technology, electronics and hospitality.

Five cities – Yokohama, Maebashi, Chiba, Fukuoka and Shizuoka – agreed to boost human resource training co-operation with the college.

In a recent report, at least  八 七 per cent of students found jobs just six months after graduating. — VNS